Decomposition and Reorganization: The Evolution of Street Art

Street art is a part of city’s soul, it heritages and carries forward the culture of a city. In New York, the city of multicultural concentration, you can see there is a wide variety of street painting in each block and corners that record the growth of the city bit by bit. Nevertheless, most of the people have very limited cognition on street art, graffiti maybe are all we were known. However, the street art has evolved.

Presenting by Yueyin Hu, a New York based Chinese Beijing girl. She discovers a new expression of street art and it was shown at Gateway Art Center NYC and Azart Gallery. At June, we have the honor to interview her.

(Yueyin Hu with Her Arts, Photo Courtesy to Denise Fu)

Graffiti is where Yueyin started her creation, but now she creates another dimension of graffiti, with techniques, she developed the potential of visual impact of graffiti. When Yueyin earned her Master degree from Parsons The New School For Design, Yueyin found out that, with appropriate technology, the graffiti, which was born with walls, has a possibility of being peeled off the wall. The technology is an experience projection mapping art projecting using the 4D motion of Graffiti tag on 3D physical form, so-called the 4D installation art. As a street art, its visual impact has been improved to unprecedented.

(Video of the Emancipation of the Street project Appliance)

Emancipation of the Street is the thesis in this art, and its idea is inspired by graffiti but more than just a graffito. “Decomposition Reorganization” is what Yueyin claimed on her 4D arts, and it is the best way to understand this unique piece of art. A strong sense of immersive is what I felt. Each element within the art are constantly changing, but meanwhile, they all follow a certain pattern. This dynamic visual street art presents the future of direction of street art.

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